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Speed Cameras in South Carolina

A lot of you probably read the article yesterday about speed cameras on I-95 in Ridgeland, South Carolina from the AP. How long till these show up on Long Island? Furthermore, I wonder how long till we have cameras on … Continue reading

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Nassau Dodges the Question

Found this on Nassau’s red light camera FAQ page: Has the County lengthened or shortened the timing of yellow lights? The goal is public safety. A yellow light that is too short OR one that is too long can increase … Continue reading

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Nassau Accidents Recorded by Red Light Cameras

Nassau’s red light camera website has a page with a few videos of accidents recorded by red light cameras when someone blew the light. Seems to me like most of these were people who simply weren’t paying attention at all, … Continue reading

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New Camera in Nassau at Underhill and Jericho (Syosset)

Just saw it today, which means Nassau has started adding the 50 new cameras they approved a few weeks ago. The ink wasn’t even dry! If anyone sees any others please add them using the ‘Add New Camera‘ link.

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Some Interesting Red Light Camera Info

I read an interesting article the other day about red light cameras, with a debate about whether they’re good for safety or just good for generating revenue. Some things pointed out by the author: Rear-end collisions at camera intersections are … Continue reading

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Yellow Light Duration at Intersections with Cameras

Another useful piece of info from the Newsday article I linked the other day is about the yellow light durations. Here’s a quote: The county’s coordinator of traffic safety, Christopher Mistron, said the amber lights last about 4 seconds, on … Continue reading

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Nassau’s New Cameras Approved by Senate

Newsday had an article a few days ago explaining that the measure for a new batch of cameras proposed for Nassau County has passed the State Senate. It has to pass the Assembly before they can start adding the new … Continue reading

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