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Eight New Cameras Added This Weekend

Over the weekend I received 9 new red light camera locations and added 8 of them (1 was a duplicate of a camera I already had listed). Seven of the new cameras are in Nassau County, the remaining is in … Continue reading

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Does Right on Red Require a 3-Second Stop?

Some Newsday readers wrote letters to Newsday regarding the red light camera situation and made some interesting points. Joy Ottaviano of Garden City said she stopped at a light, then proceeded to make a right on red. Eventually he was … Continue reading

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Suffolk Red Light Camera Video Compilation

Suffolk County also released a video compilation showing a bunch of people blowing lights, some leading to accidents. The majority of clips show cars going through the light right after it turned, meaning the drivers probably knew the light was … Continue reading

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Nassau’s New Cameras for 2011 Tied to Youth Programs

Another article from Newsday a week or so ago goes into detail about why Nassau County’s batch of 50 new cameras for 2011 has been delayed. Note that I’ve spotted a new camera in Nassau this year myself, and several … Continue reading

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Suffolk County’s Red Light Cameras – All Up and Running

In case you missed Newsday’s article from about 2 weeks ago, Suffolk County announced that all 100 of their red light cameras are up and operational. According to the article, Suffolk has issued 98,000 citations since the cameras started going … Continue reading

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GPS File: GPX XML File With All LI Red Light Cameras

This is a ‘.gpx’ file, which can be imported into your GPS device and will show a ‘Danger Area’ icon where a red light camera is located. I haven’t had time to fully test this but from what I can … Continue reading

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GPS File: List of LI Red Light Camera Latitudes and Longitudes

Someone mentioned that they were manually getting the latitude and longitude values for all the cameras I have listed, and inserting them one by one into their GPS. So here’s a simple list of all the lat/long values for every … Continue reading

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The Commute Checker is Fixed

I just realized today that the commute checker was completely broken, sorry about that! The facebook ‘like’ code was missing and it caused some javascript problems. Anyway it’s fixed now, feel free to check again for red light cameras along … Continue reading

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Nassau County’s Batch of New Cameras for 2011

So I read in Newsday on Friday that Nassau’s latest batch of 50 cameras for 2011 are stuck at the State Assembly. The main reason is that many Assembly members don’t seem to like the idea that Managano’s emphasis is … Continue reading

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Four in a Row for the Commack Road Camera this Morning

So I was on my way to work this morning, around 8:30 AM, and I stopped at Commack Road and Jericho in Suffolk County when the light turned red. While I was waiting, not one, not two, not three, but … Continue reading

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