GPS File: List of LI Red Light Camera Latitudes and Longitudes

Someone mentioned that they were manually getting the latitude and longitude values for all the cameras I have listed, and inserting them one by one into their GPS. So here’s a simple list of all the lat/long values for every camera, along with the town and intersection for each one.

This list will always be automatically updated whenever a new camera is added, and therefore will always be up to date.

latitude, longitude, town, intersection
40.664368,-73.522575,Bellmore,Merrick Road and Bellmore Avenue
40.651065,-73.604354,Baldwin,Merrick Road and Milburn Avenue
40.684077,-73.5401241,Bellmore,Newbridge Road and Bellmore Avenue
40.6507637,-73.6125757,Baldwin,Merrick Road at Grand Avenue
40.7430195,-73.6171228,Carle Place,Old Country Road and Glen Cove Road
40.738387,-73.481349,Bethpage,Central Avenue and Stewart Avenue
40.7496904,-73.6180256,Carle Place,Glen Cove Road and Westbury Avenue
40.7229385,-73.5769024,East Meadow,Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Avenue
40.7245129,-73.5441335,East Meadow,Hempstead Turnpike and Newbridge Road
40.640782,-73.659656,East Rockaway,Atlantic Avenue and Ocean Avenue
40.643741,-73.704263,Hewlett,Mill Road and Peninsula Boulevard
40.7630054,-73.523809,Hicksville,Jerusalem Avenue and West Old Country Road
40.7641029,-73.5197293,Hicksville,South Broadway and Old Country Road
40.769637,-73.5012115,Hicksville,S Oyster Bay Road and Old Country Road
40.630393,-73.7381468,Inwood,Rockaway Turnpike and Nassau Expressway
40.6155238,-73.6429015,Island Park,Long Beach Road and Austin Boulevard
40.75916,-73.7040397,Lake Success,Lakeville Road and Marcus Avenue
40.7022394,-73.505501,Levittown,Wantagh Avenue and N Jerusalem Road
40.6664475,-73.4566347,Massapequa Park,Merrick Road and Park Boulevard
40.6565127,-73.549276,Merrick,Merrick Road and Merrick Avenue
40.7547405,-73.6878033,New Hyde Park,New Hyde Park Road and Marcus Avenue
40.7525383,-73.7016988,New Hyde Park,Lakeville Road and Union Turnpike
40.640769,-73.655618,Oceanside,Lawson Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue
40.6205541,-73.6407838,Oceanside,Long Beach Road and Daly Boulevard
40.6256309,-73.6397974,Oceanside,Long Beach Road and Mott Street
40.7721634,-73.625111,Old Westbury,Glen Cove Road and I U Willets Road
40.8115659,-73.1250176,Ronkonkoma,Expressway Drive South and Ocean Avenue
40.7238787,-73.593182,Uniondale,Earle Ovington Boulevard and Charles Lindbergh Boulevard
40.700583,-73.59317,Uniondale,Jerusalem Avenue and Uniondale Avenue
40.7495227,-73.5796584,Westbury,Salisbury Park Drive/School Street and Old Country Road
40.7475538,-73.5876338,Westbury,Post Avenue/Merrick Avenue and Old Country Road
40.736955,-73.5830226,Westbury,Merrick Avenue and Stewart Avenue/Park Boulevard
40.6378264,-73.7176378,Woodmere,Peninsula Boulevard and Woodmere Boulevard
40.8830529,-73.1068444,Brookhaven,Route 347 and Nicolls Road
40.8584608,-73.0824463,Centereach,Route 25 and Holbrook Road
40.8590746,-73.0791756,Centereach,Route 25 and Eastwood Boulevard
40.805091,-73.294661,Commack,Commack Road and LIE North Service Road
40.8084958,-73.2168577,Hauppauge,Route 111 and LIE South Service Road
40.8328571,-73.3902167,Huntington Station,Route 25 and Pidgeon Hill Road
40.8126466,-73.1896911,Islandia,Route 454 and Motor Parkway
40.7988411,-73.1733222,Islandia,Route 454 and Suffolk Avenue
40.808352,-73.1605987,Islandia,Expressway Drive South and Old Nichols Road
40.8230393,-72.9970349,Medford,Expressway Drive South and Route 112
40.8136796,-73.1119443,Lake Ronkonkoma,Ronkonkoma Avenue and LIE North Service Road
40.7804867,-73.0083253,Patchogue,Sunrise Highway and Route 112
40.8130298,-73.1252067,Ronkonkoma,Expressway Drive North and Ocean Avenue
40.8678827,-73.0237448,Selden,Rte 83 and Middle Country Road
40.8765123,-73.1180726,Nesconset,Route 347 and Stony Brook Road
40.8429087,-73.2930041,Commack,Jericho Turnpike and Commack Road
40.8404872,-73.3134606,Commack,Jericho Turnpike and Larkfield Road
40.8085985,-73.1936397,Central Islip,Expressway Drive South and Long Island Motor Parkway
40.8617303,-73.1388381,Nesconset,Route 347 and Middle Country Road
40.8906648,-73.0944238,South Setauket,Route 347 and Mark Tree Road
40.9092786,-73.0649485,Terryville,Route 347 and Old Town Road
40.8621391,-73.0590774,Selden,Route 25 and Marshal Drive
40.8636465,-73.0494082,Selden,Route 25 and Boyle Road
40.868807,-73.0011942,Coram,Route 25 and Route 112
40.8245952,-72.9961077,Medford,Expressway Drive North and Route 112
40.8273789,-72.9950494,Medford,Route 112 and Horseblock Road
40.794292,-73.0071719,Medford,Route 112 and Woodside Avenue
40.7788516,-73.0081306,Patchogue,South Sunrise Highway Service Road and Route 112
40.7824001,-73.0978163,Bohemia,Route 454 and Johnson Avenue
40.7740838,-73.0667077,Holbrook,Route 454 and Broadway Avenue
40.7636875,-73.0905317,Bohemia,North Sunrise Highway Service Road and Johnson Avenue
40.7108344,-73.4289418,South Farmingdale,Route 110 and Great Neck Road
40.7178125,-73.4059838,East Farmingdale,Route 109 and New Highway
40.6941504,-73.392489,Lindenhurst,Sunrise Highway and County Road 2
40.8101171,-73.1592147,Hauppauge,Expressway Drive North and Old Nichols Road
40.8094942,-73.51422939999998,Syosset,Jericho Turnpike and Underhill Boulevard
40.793238,-73.694199,Manhasset,Shelter Rock Road and Northern Boulevard
40.8283928,-73.41144459999998,South Huntington,Jericho Turnpike and Route 110
40.7857373,-73.1143174,Ronkonkoma,Lakeland Avenue and Route 454
40.7617048,-73.0985278,Bohemia,Lakeland Avenue and Sunrise Highway
40.9451848,-72.94146739999996,Rocky Point,25A and Hallock Landing Road
40.6667267,-73.65101809999999,Rockville Centre,Peninsula Boulevard and Lakeview Avenue
40.7806002,-73.55855930000001,Jericho,Jericho Turnpike and Brush Hollow Road
40.7762152,-73.52932570000002,Hicksville,N Broadway and Nevada Street
40.7971261,-73.66914839999998,Manhasset,Northern Boulevard and Port Washington Boulevard
40.75728,-73.61991620000003,Old Westbury,Jericho Turnpike and Glen Cove Road
40.7258889,-73.51456280000002,Levittown,Hempstead Turnpike and Gardiners Avenue
40.7255079,-73.4977462,Levittown,Hempstead Turnpike and North Wantagh Avenue
40.6717199,-73.51038679999999,Wantagh,Wantagh Avenue and Sunrise Highway
40.7063425,-73.66123600000003,West Hempstead,Nassau Boulevard and Hempstead Turnpike
40.7177265,-73.59411899999998,Uniondale,Hempstead Turnpike and Uniondale Avenue
40.7385089,-73.42331380000002,East Farmingdale,Route 110 and Conklin Street
40.755718,-73.688167,North New Hyde Park,Marcus Avenue and New Hyde Park Road
40.718347,-73.409486,North Amityville,Route 109 and Southern State Parkway
40.8096165,-73.62822370000004,Greenvale,Northern Boulevard and Glen Cove Road
40.8251355,-73.2347542,Hauppauge,Old Willets Path and Route 454
40.701157,-73.3784111,Lindenhurst,Sunrise Highway and N. Delaware Avenue
40.7054296,-73.37254660000002,Lindenhurst,Sunrise Highway and N. Monroe Avenue
40.797957,-73.342366,Dix Hills,Deer Park Avenue and LIE North Service Road
40.7831638,-73.33835620000002,Dix Hills,Deer Park Avenue and Straight Path
40.804126,-73.29471000000001,Commack,County Road 4 and LIE South Service Road
40.8911948,-73.0143137,Coram,Route 112 and Pine Road
40.8812122,-73.02822459999999,Coram,Old Town Road and Hawkins Road
40.6785887,-73.43944879999998,Massapequa,Unqua Road and Sunrise Highway
40.743128,-73.614578,Garden City,Old Country Road and Ring Road North
40.7968688,-73.34232150000003,Dix Hills,South Service Road and Route 231
40.7822955,-73.50294359999998,Hicksville,South Oyster Bay Road and Woodbury Road

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8 Responses to GPS File: List of LI Red Light Camera Latitudes and Longitudes

  1. Barry Tahlor says:

    do you have a NYC list?

  2. Mike says:

    No just the long island ones. Try here for the NYC ones:

    I have no idea if this is the best site for NYC cameras, it’s just the first one I found on google.

  3. steve says:

    THANKS FOR THE LIST! Its great to approach these cameras now and have my GPS go off with a loud, star trek style red alert sound…I find its easier to enter the town and intersection, rather than the coordinates.. ***NOTE: When I programmed these intersections into my tom tom, the coordinates my GPS gave for these intersections were quite different than your listed coordinates…. to anyone planning on programming their GPS, I would enter town/intersections, instead of lat/long, to be safe… STEVE

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Steve! I wonder what’s wrong with the download file. Maybe the GPS uses coordinates differently.. These are pulled from my database, which powers the google map. Everything is stored as latitude / longitude. There’s got to be some quirk that I’m unaware of, I’ll look into it! Can you give me an example of what your GPS said the coordinates were for one of the intersections? Any one will do, thanks! In the meantime I’m glad you were able to get everything into the GPS in one way or another.

  4. steve says:

    Mike…. Example coordinates on my Tom Tom are : Bellmore, Merrick Rd. and Bellmore Ave. – N 40.39862 , W 73.31350 another example is Centereach, Middle Country Rd (RT 25) and Eastwood Blvd. – N 40.51540, W 73.04752 SO, I dont know which is correct (if any), but since the discrepancy exists, I chose to enter intersections by town and street names……Works Great!!! When Im with 600 yards of a camera………..RED ALERT goes off! NICE! Thanks again, Steve

    • Mike says:

      That’s interesting, my coordinates to put the marker on the google map are similar except that my latitude is negative.. Not sure why google and Tom Tom disagree about whether the lat should be positive or negative. I wonder which one is preferred by Garmin, I’ll put it in my wife’s Garmin and see what happens

  5. steve says:

    Mike – I just entered the coordinates on your page for the Lake Success/ Lakeville Rd. and Marcus Ave intersection, and hit navigate to, and it mapped it as Peekskill NY, .. Goes to show we’re better off using street names!

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