I Do Volunteer Web Development (FREE!)

This is completely off topic but I’d like to do volunteer web development for certain charitable organizations. If anyone is interested just leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you. I only do one project at a time though. Here are more details:

  • As far as organizations I’ll work for, there are mainly just two types:
    1. Those that benefit our military servicemen and women.
    2. Those that benefit animals.
  • I’m a professional web developer with about 8 years experience.
  • I’m extremely good at making things work smoothly and efficiently.
  • I’m extremely bad at making things “look pretty.”

So if you need a designer to come up with a great new look for your site, I wouldn’t be too much of a help. But if you have an idea of what you want your site to look like and need someone to put it together for you, that’s where I can help.

I don’t always have a lot of free time so nothing will get done in one day, but you can’t argue with the price! I can handle just about any size website.

Leave a comment below if you think there’s something I can help with.

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13 Responses to I Do Volunteer Web Development (FREE!)

  1. michael moonitz says:

    Tried to POI load your gpx file onto my Nuvi 1690 but it failed. something about error on line #17 etc. Suggestions?

    • Mike says:

      Hi Michael, I’m not 100% sure, I checked the file in my text editor and the only thing on line 17 is a . symbol.. maybe it doesn’t like that

      I’ll mess around with it some more tomorrow and try to get to the bottom of it, thanks for letting me know it didn’t work, I want to make sure it works for everyone. I’ll post back here when I make some changes

  2. michael moonitz says:

    Just checking status of your looking into the error on the code line 17?

    • Mike says:

      yep I’m still working on it sorry it’s taking so long, I can’t quite figure out why it doesn’t like that line of code. Plus if I remove it I get errors elsewhere – I’ll figure it out though, I’ll have more time to work on it this weekend so I’ll definitely get to the bottom of it!

    • Mike says:

      good news, I found the error and fixed it, I verified by adding the POI file to my wife’s GPS and it worked. I actually didn’t know how to do this so I figured it out as I want along. For anyone that needs to do it on a Garmin, here’s what I did:

      Download the free POI loader from Garmin (link)
      Use that to locate and load the GPX file
      Use manual mode for locating the GPX, and tell it to issue a proximity alert when you’re near one of these POI’s (I set mine at 600 feet)

      That should do it. From what I can gather here, the cameras won’t show up as an icon on a Garmin device (maybe they will on a Tom Tom). Meanwhile though, the alert will still sound when you’re approaching one.

  3. michael moonitz says:

    Hate to be a pest but I tried again to load the GPX file and still got the same ‘error 17′. But I think I may be loading the old GPX file which still includes that line error. Where can I find your new, updated GPX file so I can try again – since you were able to load to Garmin ok. Thanks.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Michael, don’t worry about it! I’m glad you’re telling me about the problems, I’d rather have it fixed than have everyone download a worthless file.

      Anyway as it turns out that was my fault, sorry about that, I thought I recreated the file on the site but apparently I didn’t. I did it just now though so if you download it again you should be all set.

      I tested it out today and it worked perfectly – I got an alarm sound as I approached an intersection, and a little blurb came up on screen saying something like “Alert: Red Light Camera Intersection.” The blurb went away as soon as I went through the intersection. The only thing I don’t like is that it didn’t put a marker on the intersection, I think that’s just how Garmins are though.

  4. michael moonitz says:

    Finally! Got it to load and looks ok so far. Will test it out on the road this afternoon; there is a known camera about 1/2 mile from me. Will advise success.

    Am I correct in assuming that I should re-load your GPX file periodically to the Garmin to ensure the unit is up to date with new/changed camera locations?

    Thank you for all your work.

    • Mike says:

      No problem Michael! yea, best to update once a month or so. The past few weeks I haven’t had many new cameras to add. I believe I have all the Suffolk ones, not sure about Nassau though

  5. michael moonitz says:

    Tested the Garmin 1490T with your adjusted file against a known camera site and it worked fine. Proximity warning was about 600′ as you mentioned earlier. Alarm warning could be a bit louder but I dont think it is adjustable via the unit’s volume control.

    One note, I tested it also against another local camera but got no warning which was due I think to the location NOT on your GPX file: Intersection of Unqua Road and Sunrise Hwy in Massapequa, NY. You may need to add this to the GPX file.

    Thank you again.


    • Mike says:

      I’m glad it worked – yea the alarm sound is a bit quiet but you’re right I couldn’t find a way to adjust that on the GPS. I believe there’s another system I can make that will come with an audio alarm and markers on the map. But for that I’d need to purchase a developer’s tool from Garmin which costs a few hundred bucks, and then I’d have to sell the downloadable file instead of provide it for free, so I figured this was what most people would prefer

      I added the new camera you mentioned and updated the GPX file so it should show up if you re-download and import it. Looks like we’re all set!

  6. michael moonitz says:

    Sounds good. Thanks again for all your work on this project. You can be sure I will be alert to spot cameras, especially in Nassau, that are not on the file and send you their coordinates. Regards, Michael

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