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Newsday Editorial Supports More Cameras

Newsday had an editorial today supporting more cameras in Suffolk and Nassau. As many of you know, both counties have been limited by the state to 50 intersections with cameras. Both would like to increase the number of cameras but … Continue reading

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Suffolk Red Light Revenue Split with Dallas Company

Some interesting info in a Newsday article from August 15th, Suffolk splits the revenue from it’s red light camera program 50/50 with a Dallas company that processes the tickets, and some residents are pissed about it. State and Local Solutions … Continue reading

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Mayor Bloomberg Suggests Adding Dummy Cameras

I know it isn’t Nassau/Suffolk but some of you may be interested, I hear that in NYC they’re considering adding dummy cameras as a deterrent. Mayor Bloomberg wants cameras on every corner, but he wasn’t permitted to by the state. … Continue reading

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Back from summer vacation, a lot has happened

I took some time off this summer, sorry about the lack of updates! Hope you’ve all had a good summer. There’s been some buzz about red light cameras over the last few weeks while I was taking a break, so … Continue reading

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